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Have you tried Keratin Complex Express Blowout?

April 10th, 2014 • Posted by Tame the Frizz and Smooth Smoothly • Permalink

With summer heat right around the corner, we at Rometta have the perfect thing to help you fight the frizz. Keratin Complex Express Blowout! This treatment can be done in about an hour. Combat the FRIZZ in your hair for about four weeks with this treatment. The Express Blowout won't relax your curl, they will still be there just softer and smoother than ever before! Don't let the summer heat cramp your style, fight the frizz with Keratin Complex Express Blowout Book your appointment today. Call 215-635-4001

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Wake up your skin

April 4th, 2014 • Posted by Kickstart your Spring skin care regimen • Permalink

Spring has finally sprung, and we are in the midst of transforming our winter skin into blissfully glowing summer skin. Here are 3 surefire ways to kickstart your skin, to get rid of the winter-skin blues!!!

Firstly, exfoliation is key! Talk to your skincare therapist about what type of exfoliator is best suited for your skin type...I prefer a daily chemical and mechanical exfoliator like Dermalogica's Daily is gentle so no redness from any harsh acids or abrasive scrubbers.

The second most important thing next to exfoliating is hydration. If your not using a moisturizer with an SPF of 30..nothing more, nothing less...go buy one. Hydrated skin tends to wrinkle less. If you are 30 or over, you should be using an eye cream with a retinol or AHA acid in it. The eye area is the thinnest part of our face, which is why it wrinkles first! Along with your moisturizer, make sure a good cream is going on your eyes at least once daily. And remember...we must nourish from the inside out, so be sure to get some of your hydration by drinking lots of water and eating foods with a high water content!

Lastly, come see Rose for a professional peel to really slough that dry winter skin off of your face and let you natural radiance shine for all to see!! Happy Spring!!

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Freshen up your look for Spring

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by Spring Promotions at Rometta • Permalink

Spring has sprung and we are so excited here at Rometta. It's the time of year to freshen up our look. We are offering some great deals this month to help you change up your style. The OPI Brazil Collection is here featuring 12 vibrant spring shades to chose from. Come get sandal ready with a pedicure for just $25. Blow those winter blues away with a blow dry and five highlights for only $40. This month when you purchase a Motives custom blend foundation you will also receive a complimentary makeup application ($25 value). How about a 15 minute chair massage for $15. Rehydrate your skin and get a healthy glow. When you treat yourself to a Multivitamin Power Exfoliant for your face $27. Don't forget to stop in and see us to check out your favorite stylists picks this month.

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