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Rose's Tips for your summertime skincare

May 24th, 2014 • Posted by If your not using sunblock, take your whole beauty routine (products and all) and throw it in the tr • Permalink

Did you know that using a sunscreen is just as important as using your favorite moisturizer ,or anti-wrinkle cream in the war against wrinkles? REPEAT AFTER ME: DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SUNBLOCK. One more time: no sunblock, no outdoors. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been reapplying SPF every 30 minutes instead of baby oil and iodine (gasp! 90's teenager!!) Overexposure to the sun causes pigmentation, break outs, dryness and is an overall stressor to our beautiful to keep it protected and glowing all day, apply sunblock in with you moisturizer and give you skin a good 5 min mini-massage...The rubbing will increase circulation and also combat cellulite!!! I use this trick every day when applying moisturizer out of the shower. While at the beach or pool, take a bottle of leave in conditioner and spray away...this will help block the harmful sun rays from scorching the hair. And also allow you to Rock the ultimate beach hair!!! Don't forget a cute floppy hat, and sunglasses to shield those beauties from the big ball of fire...the sun has some pretty bad effects on out eyesight, too.
When choosing a sunblock, this Estheticians motto is simply the best. Use a 30 SPF, but be sure to apply EVERY 30-45 minutes, especially when sweating it out on the beach, swimming or while exercising. I personally don't believe in anything above a 50...that's even a bit much for me....the sun can only protect 30x's it's own natural defense, regardless of what you put on. Putting on an SPF of 100 may keep you pasty white, but it is also loaded with chemicals that are harmful to your skin. Check out some natural SPF's such as coconut oil or raspberry seed oil. Great for my vegans out there. :) If you must have some color in the summer, may I recommend my favorite product in the whole wide world...Hempz Gradual self -tanner in light. Not orangey, no with Rose at Rometta 215-635-4001 for a tanning treatment!

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